Ashish Apte

CEO, PEW Group of Companies

Mr. Ashish Apte, joined the company in the year 2002 with his modern concepts of manufacturing technology and management, to follow the same path of Mr. Anant Apte. His fresh approach and outlook of the operations within the company helped the company to evolve even further. He believed in constantly keeping oneself updated with the latest trends in the market to stay at par with the ever-changing needs of the customers.

He added and implemented various management systems like quality management certifications, lean manufacturing methods, MRP II initiatives in the organisation, etc. He spread his customer base to 30 master distributors in aftermarket, 60 OEMs all over India and extended company’s wings to the Middle East, South East Asia, Europe and North America.

Our Journey

in 700 sq. ft. with 4 workers





5000 sq. ft factory is built and aftermarket distribution for western and sounthern India



Mr. Anant Apte established the company from a small room in 1968. With the help of his well wishers, he embarked upon his journey to meet his goals and watch his dream unfold. He strived relentlessly to create his own Brand that would be recognized throughout the world for its outstanding workmanship and performance.

This dream was ceaselessly followed by him and his team within the organisation. They gradually and consistently brought their organisation to a multi-million Dollar turnover with a production floor space spreading across Ten thousand square meters area. Mr. Anant Apte always gave primary importance to his product’s quality, business ethics and strong distribution network which ultimately became key milestones in his journey towards success.

Ashish Apte

Managing Partner & CEO

25+ years of experience in corporate India and having worked from grass root level up with PEW group, Ashish brings a wide area of experience

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Anant Apte


Founded the company with just 5 members in a garage and led the company to be known for its quality and customer centric approach

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Our Advisory Board

Vali Gopalani

International Business

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Chirag Warty

CEO, Quanical

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Angela Corbett

CTO, Boeing

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Jeff Bloch

CEO, BlochCo 

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